Comrise provides personalized and customized recruiting and talent solutions for companies. Even though their headquarters is based in Woodbridge, NJ, they have locations across China, the Philippines, and Malaysia. We were hired by Comrise to redesign their existing website.

The goals of this redesign were to incorporate the company’s branding throughout the site and to simplify the way in which content was being delivered to users. To achieve these goals, we incorporated a light shade of teal to match Comrise’s existing teal logo and condensed many of the old website’s pages into single pages with tab systems. This new tab system (as it can be seen here) allowed Comrise to keep important and useful content on their website without it becoming overwhelming or difficult for users to find. Finally, Simplicity used Elementor and WordPress to build the new site, meaning that it will now be much easier for employees at Comrise to add or update content.


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