Options Health

A non-profit organization providing no cost professional healthcare, education, and support services to women, men, and their families in the areas of pregnancy, sexual health, and other related concerns.

The Goal

Options for Women of California was looking to rebrand itself into an organization that would appeal to both men and women. In addition to its rebrand, the newly named Options Health required a new website and updated marketing collateral to complete its transformation.

The Brand Transformation

While most medical logos are typically clinical and formal, due to the sensitive nature of the services they provide and the younger clientele they serve, the Options Health team wanted their new logo to be modern and welcoming.

In the final iteration of this new logo, we incorporated arrows around the “O” in their new name, which represents the numerous options their clients have when it comes to pregnancy and sexual health. We also used bright colors in order to appeal to a younger audience that may be hesitant to seek assistance when it comes to this sensitive issue.

Website Upgrade and Simplification

Options for Women of California used to be made up of two separate websites, one for clients and one for supporters/donations. In order to simplify, both sites were condensed into optionshealth.org. As part of this process, all of the old site links needed to be redirected to their new locations in order to maintain Options’ SEO integrity and prevent users from landing on broken pages.

Completing the Transformation

The final step of this project was to redesign the brochures, business cards, appointment cards, and other print collateral Options Health used in its day-to-day operations. It was vitally important to use cohesive branding across all mediums to not only get across the professionalism and legitimacy of Options but also to instill trust in clients who view and use these materials.